**Current Happenings**

August 2014 Swissy Litter

The L Litter Puppies are here!
Seven Swissy puppies were born August 7th, 2014 - three girls and four boys.

Click here for their litter page

All of the puppies out of this litter are already spoken for.



Two New Additions


We have two new additions to the Cherished Swissies family, Taffy and Gander. They were the yellow and light pink girls in our K9 Hero's Litter (Andas x Sara Lee) and will both be staying here with us.


We will have lots more photos and updates as they grow!




All of our K9 Hero puppies are now in their new homes. You can watch their litter page on our website and on Facebook for updated photos.


Cherished Swissies has their first Versatility Greater Swiss Excellent (VGSX) - Elliott!!

GCH Cherished Deb’s Perfect Pot of Tea CGC THD BN GN CDX RE HCT WWDX MDD VGSX

Huge congratulations to Elliott and Debbie for being the YOUNGEST SWISSY EVER to earn their VGSX and joining the ranks of only six other swissies to earn this illustrious award!

Click here to read more about what this award entails.


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Once you have done your research and determined you are interested in a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or to setup a time to come out and visit. We strongly encourage everyone to make sure you meet several swissies in person (preferably in their own homes or a relaxed environment) before making the decision that this is the right breed for you.

You can only learn so much over the internet, but meeting a Swissy in person and seeing what they are really like is very important before getting a puppy from any Greater Swiss breeder!